I’m doing a Reading Challenge

I haven’t been writing a lot lately, this is mostly because I’m rereading The Wheel of Time for the third time. I love that series a lot and try to reread it in about 30 days every year, though I didn’t get around to reading it at all last year. I’m currently reading the last book in the series and while I intend to pick up my writing again, I also need some new books to read now.

I really don’t want to fall into a slump and not read at all so I decided to join the #TheReadingQuest. This way I’ll have an easier time picking books to read and I can stop rereading books, I’ve been doing too much of that lately. I’m rereading a lot because I can’t afford new books right now, so I am only going to read books for this challenge that I can get at the library or borrow from friends.

I’ll be following the mage path, unfortunately my new laptop can’t handle making a character card, but I’ll try to get my old laptop working again and try it on that one.

The books I will be reading are:
The first book of a series: Hounded by Kevin Hearne. My brother is buying that series so I’m borrowing it from him.
A book set in a different world: Cursor’s Fury by Jim Butcher, which I’ll also be borrowing from my brother. In all honesty, I borrow the majority of the books I read from him.
A book based on mythology: I’ll read something by Juliet Mariller, it’ll depend on which ones they have at the library. I really enjoyed her Sevenwaters series. If they have none at the library that I haven’t read yet (and I’m checking today) I’ll put Hounded in this category and buy a new book after all to fill in that quest.
A book that contains magic: Wicked by Gregory Maguire. I’m borrowing it from a friend, she’s never finished it and I’ve seen some mixed reviews so this one is a bit of a gamble.
A book with a one word title: Silk by Alessandro Barrico. It didn’t say anywhere that the books had to be fantasy. It’s another library trip to get this one.

Depending on what I find at the library this afternoon (and the trip to the bookstore I’m making to order books for my brother in which I’ll try and probably fail to not buy books myself) this list might change a lot.
I read a lot of poetry and graphic novels so I’ll manage that side quest, I read a lot of lengthy books as well so I’ll probably accidentally do that side quest too. I might find myself with less free time than last month and I really do intend to write more, so I’m not sure how much reading time I’ll have left.

Either way I’m going to try and complete at least the mage path and share my thoughts on the books I read. Wish me luck?


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